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Meet Dee Woods

An educator at heart, I stepped out of the classroom and traded my desk for a mat! I am still teaching, just in a slightly different atmosphere.

As a young girl, I was always drawn to the water. In high school I found a love for diving. By calming my mind I was able to learn difficult dives and complete them successfully. Little did I know that my practice of yoga had begun. My first formal introduction to yoga came 23 years ago from Jerrilee Lucas one class and I was instantly hooked!

My love of yoga continues to pull me to reach new heights.  I am now in 1,000 hours of training with Dani McGuire at Pranayoga Institute for Yoga Therapy.  I love using Yoga and Ayurveda to help people of all ages live a more healthy and happy life.  I would love to help you individually or in a classroom setting find your path to peace.



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