Weekly Yoga Classes


10:30- 11:45  Gentle Yoga   Home Studio

6:30-8:00  Hatha Yoga    Parks and Rec. Beeson Hall


10:45-11:45  Chair Yoga     Active Adult Center

12:00-1:00  Franklin College private


7:00:8:15  Hatha Yoga   Home Studio


8:15-9:15  Swing Yoga Class   Home Studio

10:45-11:45 Chair Yoga Active Adult Center

12:00-1:00 Franklin College private


Yoga Therapy Private Sessions

Each weekly session is tailored to meet your specific needs.  Contact below to set up your private session.  Individual water yoga sessions only available thru the months of May-October.

Kids Yoga and Swing Classes

I believe that children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way.  Show them all the beauty they possess inside- Whitney Houston

H2OM yoga kids classes are designed with the above quote in mind.  Whether it be learning breathing techniques to use in stressful testing situations, increasing flexibility for a sport or laughing while they are upside down in a yoga swings kids classes are beneficial and fun!

Individual or small group classes are also available for kids with special needs.

If you are interested in a kid's yoga class, contact Dee for more information.

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Interested in learning how to quite that chatter in your mind?  Contact H2OM for the next Meditation Workshop


No workshops currently scheduled.  Stay Tuned!!!

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